Who We Are

The Skip Prosser Literacy Program—named after former Wake Forest men’s basketball coach, Skip Prosser—was established in 2009 to promote literacy education in Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County. Now encompassing various community-engaged literacy programs that involve undergraduate students and student-athletes from Wake Forest University, the Skip Prosser Literacy Program seeks to inspire literacy, foster connection, promote community, and empower student leaders.

In Honor of Skip Prosser

Skip Prosser served as the Wake Forest men’s basketball coach from 2001 to 2007. Prosser was known for his outstanding character, love of family, passion for reading, and community engagement. In 2009, two years after Prosser’s death at the age of 56, Wake Forest Athletics created the Skip Prosser Literacy Program to celebrate the legacy of this remarkable teacher, mentor, coach, and friend to the Winston-Salem community.